About me

As a former ballet dancer with degrees in fine arts and graphic design I have always been drawn to beauty and visual perfection. Art in its every form, ancient and contemporary architecture, mix of eastern and western culture, traditions and urban lifestyle have created a perfect background to develop my own vision of the modern world and what I can do to make it a better place. This is how I have chosen a profession that will allow me to affect the reality around me in the most artistic way.

It was my honor to graduate from AAU with Master of fine Arts Degree. Right after my graduation I got my first job in US as graphic designer at Yelp, where I work to this day.

Graphic design is a great outlet for my passion for arts and my urge to “create”. At the same time, it's grounded, smart and practical. I measure every shape, curve and letter I see and always think of ways to incorporate my life experiences into my work. 

I live and breathe design.
Please see my work and let me know what you think.