About me

Coming originally from Armenia I was very fortunate to be surrounded with an unbelievably rich cultural and architectural heritage of the country during all my life.  I remember numerous times standing near a church or a fortress of the 14th or 16th century on top of the mountain and experiencing the most breathtaking moments of my life. I guess that’s when my love of architecture and my understanding and appreciation of its historic significance was born. Consequently my interest of architecture was always present and later with growing up I’ve realized the importance of protecting it. This experience gave birth to my thesis topic about architectural preservation and documentation

       The unique art group that I’ve attended for many years gave me an opportunity to become familiar with variety forms of art from painting to theater. Doing an abstract paintings while listening to music, theatrical experience and literature. All these activities helped me to understand my personality and discover my passion for art and my desire to pursue a career of an artist/designer. What I love about design is that it’s a creative process tightly related with art and simultaneously it gives you an opportunity to be heard and make a change